Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rushing Time

Somebody mentioned this morning that they were ready for Friday to get here, so they could enjoy the weekend - even though it goes by so fast.

So, that got me thinking, which admittedly can be a dangerous thing to start me doing.

This is a prime example of our thoughts controlling the universe (or at the very least, our perception of it). This person is busy from Monday on thinking of getting Friday here quicker. Therefore, time is picking up speed in order to get their desire - Friday. So, by the time Friday gets here, things are moving along fairly quickly - as per their desire.
So, Saturday is here and time is now flying. Sunday rolls around and they start trying to put on the brakes to keep Monday away. Time slows down - as per their desire. So, when Monday gets here, the brakes have been applied and time is going slow.


Monday, April 6, 2009


I often have prophetic dreams that come true. There is a difference between "fluff" "meaningful" and "prophetic" dreams that is often difficult to convey.
Anyway, I had an odd dream last night involving a Young God running from his Father, whom I knew to be in Egypt. He was at a shipping yard and I believe had a crate of some sort that he was shipping somewhere. He was telling the person taking his paperwork that the date on top was critically important. Going to the extent of taking a pencil (yellow #2) and slowly pointing to each number of a digit sequence "08232010"

So, what the heck is supposed to happen on that date??

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