Friday, June 25, 2010

Harmonic Convergence

Well, we have a rare event coming up soon : The 2010 Harmonic Convergence! Not to be confused with the last Harmonic Convergence in 1987. This will take place July 17 and 18th of 2010.

So, with all the talk of "Divine Thought Moment" and "Unity Consciousness" and "Choice of 3rd Dimension or 5th Dimension" - what are we really looking at happening?

All the jargon is basically saying "Choose a path of Peace and Harmony and continue to thrive, or choose to keep doing things the same and wither."

You will hear people talk of the "Amazing Energy" and awesome realization of potential and all kinds of nonsensical phrases spoken with awe and the weight of something very important and grand. And it is - or can be. However, most people are not going to get that full effect.

I am getting images of one of those movies where the village 'crazy' rambles on about some big, glorious event coming and everyone ignores them, except a few who think it might be possible... then they see evidence and when the big event happens, they stand in awe and bask in the event - but not quite as thoroughly as the 'crazy.' ( Of course I wonder about how choosing to be serious and concerned and fearful is found more sane than choosing to be joyful, curious and at peace. )

There is also talk about "Duality." Here is where I get really interested. (of course, sometimes I think if I hear one more person ramble on about "Modalities" I'll snap!) Anyway, right now, the major belief system, the main thought or lifestyle is based on a sense of separation. Whether that is "God" is above "People" and "People" are above "Plants and Animals" or "I am alone" or "Nobody Understands" or "Man vs. Nature" doesn't matter, people think of themselves as separated from something or someone. The simple truth is that "Duality" is a great big lie.

The Truth of Unity
Yeah, I felt like labeling this section, LOL! Anyone who seriously looks at the "Big Picture" will tell you that everything is totally connected. What happens to someone in Somalia will have some kind of impact on each and every person on the planet. It might not be a big impact, it might not even be noticed, but it will happen. Most of the time Humans are way too focused on only what is right in front of them ( and often don't see all of it ) that they don't notice what is happening around them - or to them. Words fail to deliver the proper impact of "We are All Connected to Everything."

I really wish there were a way to actually get the full message of that statement across. We ALL have a direct and unbreakable connection to everything in existence - "God", "The Divine", "Asteroid 34234453x57", "Mako the Beluga Whale", "Joe Felding", "Feldspar", "Flip the Fox Squirrel" or your friendly neighborhood bacteria.

Energy is all around us and flowing through all things, us included. It is one of the ways we are all connected. Think of it as a Universal Internet WiFi signal and everything has a connection that is on all the time. Just like a computer, we don't have to be using it for anything - but we could.

So, could a wave of 'cosmic energy' wash over the planet and create a change in consciousness or our very DNA? Its possible, I think. Likely? Maybe not. Still, I'm consciously making the choice for more conscious living and for moving toward Unity as the default state of mind.

How do you do that? Just THINK about thinks a bit more. Consider what and who will be affected by your actions and how. Everything from taking off your shoes in the living room to zooming into the next lane at the last moment to the words and tone of voice you use to order coffee in the morning. Everything you do has a consequence and I try to be as aware as possible to what those consequences are because I am responsible for whatever happens as a result of my actions and reactions. Yes, I am responsible for how I react to someone else's actions. :D

I suppose I've rambled enough...

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